Thursday, August 27, 2009

Went Private

I have a tracker attached to my blog, but I haven't checked it in a long time. After reading This story, I decided to check my activity. I am so so sick. I can't even describe how upset and disgusted I am. Yes, I found the same type of things mentioned in the story, and for the protection of my family, I have to make my blog private. I have never wanted to do this, but I feel that I can't hesitate. I know it's harder to follow a private blog. I check private blogs much less frequently than public ones, and that is one of the reasons I haven't made my blog private in the past. If I don't already have your email address, please give it to me so I can send you an invite. I'm happy to send an invite to anyone I know, even if you have never commented, and I don't know you read my blog. If you are uncomfortable leaving your email address online, you can email me at I have made a new blog, which is now private.

Please take this seriously, and if you have tracking, check it. And, you NEED to read the story I linked. It can happen to anyone, even if you're careful about what you post like I try to be. We need to protect our children! Also, I found that ANY photo you publish on your blog goes to "google images". Anyone can search for a picture, see yours, click on it, and come to your site. It's scary. There are some VERY inappropriate photos on this site. THIS IS HAPPENING TO EVERYONE!!! A photo we may see as cute and innocent may end up being viewed entirely differently by someone else.